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    I'm working on a full translation of WebOS 2.2.4 on my Palm Pre 2 into my native language. I had it almost done during the 2.1.0 version and everything went smooth. But then I upgraded to 2.2.4 and started over. BUT something must changed because it loads just some of my language files. I found out that translated /views/*.html files are displayed correctly, but the main language file for each app or framework (strings.json) is not loaded at all. I don't know why is this happening. On my 2.1.0 version I had the same problem when I didn't check the strings file for UTF-8 format. But in the right format, everything was fine. But in this new version UTF-8 is set up right, and everything relevant as well but Luna still won't load the string.json file. So when it's loaded, it mixes up my translated views with the default english strings. (And I'm making a selectable language in Language App and not messing up with the default language files by renaming or so.)
    My question is:
    Is somewhere on the device some kind of log file, where I could see how these localization files are loaded and possibly see some errors?
    I quickly scaned the /var/log directory but none of the logs stored there helped me I'm not even sure if I should search for a boot log file or for some kind of specific "luna startup log", because I don't know in which phase of startup the device is working with these files.

    Thank you for any help
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    Which text editor are you using? I use Notepad++ to make Chinese localization. I find it only works with Encode in UTF-8 without BOM but doesn't work woth UTF-8. Please check if the problem is not solved yet.

    You can have a look on my Chinese localization for reference (in T. Chinese):
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