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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to know if anyone has built a cross compiler for Ubuntu running under Xecutah on the Touchpad for x86_64 architecture?
    If so, how did you do it?
    If it already exists, could someone please point me in the right direction.

    I want to be able to code on the road for x86_64 without having to lug around my laptop and just use my touchpad instead.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated,
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    Thats quite an interesting question, I would imagine you should be able to compile arm gcc binaries that can create x86_64 binaries, although Im not sure if theres a howto out there. I wonder if any of the generic make your own toolchain would work. like GCC Cross-Compiler - OSDev Wiki

    Does it have to be x86_x64? qemu-i386 will run under webos, and Im pretty sure it could boot a x86 linux distro. I havent tried compiling a qemu-x86_64..
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    Has anybody tried just installing Scratchbox2 in the Debian Chroot?
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    Dont think there are sb2 packages for arm debian, you would have to make it yourself? And sb2 uses qemu, so you probably would have to make that as well.

    If you have a sb2/xcomple arm enivornment on your pc machine, use that to make arm gcc-x86_84 binaries/libtool, libc, etc, then copy it over and pray it works

    Or just use the debian/ubuntu chroot and follow one of the guides? (although I imagine compiling a full toochain on a touchpad might exhaust its memory and take a while?). Or hell, setup distcc on your main pc..?

    Or course, maybe theres easier solutions. lol

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