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    I'd like to get into WebOS development and would like advice on where to start.

    I've used Palm products since the Pilot and currently have a Pre 3 and Touchpad. I'm familiar with IT although have little experience of Linux or advanced web technologies.

    I was a developer for many years although then I was an IBM Assembler programmer working with CICS, etc on mainframes.

    If anyone can recommend the basics I need to learn and what to read and experiment with I'd really appreciate it. My initial goal is to write apps but I'd also like, in time, to get into internals.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Well the first thing you should learn would probably be Javascript. I don't have any recommended tutorials, but there's plenty of that out there. Second thing would be C/C++. It's very likely that at some point you'll need it for more cpu intensive stuff.

    Oh, you should probably familiarize yourself with CSS too. You'll need that for UI layout.
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    Last year there was a very nice article on webOS Nation, known as Precentral back then ;-) with the title "From zero to webOS developer in one month". I think it contains all the information you are looking for:
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    Thanks angrygoat and ginpre. On my way.

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