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    Hi there,

    I'm new to webos development and I'm trying to make a synergy service & app for a twitter-like service. Since only oauth is allowed, I have to write Custom Validator for account manager, instead of using default user/password UI. But I've found the official document is too vague for me. It only says:

    Validation UI should return a result that looks like this:
    template: Template object,
    username: string,
    defaultResult: ResultObj,
    otherResults: array of ResultObj (optional),
    config: <dictionary of server settings in addition to those in ResultObjs>

    Where TemplateObj is a Template object as returned by listAccountTemplates and ResultObj is:
    item: {
    id: string (capability provider ID),
    validator: string (bus address of validator)
    result: { (response from the validator call)

    My questions are:
    in first code snippet, could the config be optional?
    in second code snippet, what does id/validator referer to? Is it the templateId and validator of account template? or of capabilities? Is the validator optional?

    Many Thanks in advance!

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    I'd definitely recommend also asking on the forums at the webOS developer site, as well.
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    Thanks, posted there too.

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