I've never developed an app before, or even used code, but i'm trying to develop an app for my network provider giffgaff. they have a 'my giffgaff' mobile site where you can check your balance, remaining text/minutes etc (it is found here: http://www.giffgaff.com/mobile

I intended to simply copy this data and make an app available on the App Catalog, rather than having to access this site every time, but i'm struggling to understand how i will login using the app. I'm developing it using Ares.

i've made the correct fields for username and password, and a button to process the login. i've also used the 'inspect element' part of Chrome to look at the code of the website, but i can't see how i can 'send' the login information to the server. could someone with actual expertise look at the code of this site, and find out where the URL or code is for sending the login information to the server? sorry if i'm not making sense, but i hope i've got the message across...

if this works, i'm going to look into other sites similar to this, for example the 'My O2' app for O2 UK.