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    Hi everyone. I developed "TouchTax", and application for the tax code and regulations which is available for iOS, Android and webOS. My webOS version doesn't use a database backend yet because I haven't found a good resource to start learning how to use databases with enyo. Does anyone have any tips?

    My goal is to read a file that contains SQL insert statements and run them in order to populate the database for my application. Any tips or pointers?
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    hi there. I unfortunately don't have any advice on that, other than researching the PalmService com.palm.db, also there are a couple of Enyo kinds that are apparently built for use with Database objects (they start with "Db" in their name) .. but you may also want to ask around the Palm Developer Forum at
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    if you are developing on javascript I can suggest you take a look on this is a small lib can help you. contact me if you need further assistance
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    I think you thought with start database in that is good decision, but the must thing of arranging data base is id planning.Till then you didn't consider you entries with unique id. Second thing keep this thing on mind that if you are using any kind of software then don't forget it to convert in another application.

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