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    not sure where to put this but I thought it would be warranted to start a separate thread for this issue from the other ubuntu threads so it doesn't get lost. Is anyone else having real issues with the google chrome browser under the ubuntu desktop enviroment crashing

    I'm running the latest stable xecutah, xterm, xserver according to preware with the ubuntu 11.04 chroot using the lxde desktop. Chrome itself is version 10.0.648.205(81283).

    I've been noticing that it tends to crash a lot when loading some web pages. In particular the webosnations main page causes the browser to crash every time. No error messages show in the terminal and I'm not sure if chrome itself generates error logs.
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    yup. had the same. I had to erase the the chrome user-data-dir to get it stable again (clearing the cache alone did not help).

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