Wow, my HP Touchpad, and I have missed you I need to check out recent updates from you guys anyway, i've been so wrapped up in android and getting it rooted on my new Thrive to even worry with my touchpad. My pre 2 is still of course, seeing action :P Also, in the grand scheme of things, XDA has nothing to offer for brilliant minds, hence why I always used here and now, thriveforums for my places of I've developed several kernels for TouchPad, I'll get to posting them here as soon as possible especially the dualboot system. ANYWAY to my point and case...

I'd say we, but theres not we its me and two others, trying and getting close to rooting a Toshiba Thrive OTA 3.2.1 device...I know, Im on WebOS forums lmao but I know everything can be done several ways. its dealing with a .ko file, and getting a E Signature: failed when trying to run a clockwork mod Ive been working on it for days, finally one of our people found the Exploit we needed to get it rooted, IDK if people here have converted to new tabs/devices or I still am prone to my WebOS devices, Id like to somehow get dual boot on everything. lol I just want this done, and Yeah, Ill be around the forums alot more, assuming you all are. Ive got several things to put up for the WebOS/Droid system that Ive found/used/hell half of you probably made them, so Ill look around the forums for a while, but if anyone is interested or can help, please send me a message..

I'd love to get back in touch with you guys, and see where I can contribute..

Much love in advanced..