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    I was thinking to myself that it would be a great community thing to do (and a boon for HP) to have an app coding marathon. Maybe two weeks where all the developers here and on the HP developer forums code their ***** off and make as many published apps as possible over a period of time.

    It could even be turned into a charity event, where we could donate some of the profits to PreCentral, or Make a Wish, British Heart Foundation etc.

    I think that with Mojo and Enyo it's so easy to make nice, simple apps, and given two weeks of focus over the holidays, and plenty of developers, we could do something really awesome as a community and give something back.
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    Nice idea, I will cotribute. I have some app ideas in my head, but have few time
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    We don't want 200 fart apps. Maybe a monthly app hack contest to go along with the weekly one, something that has a bit more of a broad appeal to it, and then have the weekly ones going with the much more specific things that they've been doing.

    Then again, last week's was "3". Maybe next week's will be "Apps that start with 'Q'".
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    I love the idea. Maybe we can come up with a list of low-hanging fruit, or critical apps, or apps that are nearly complete?

    I am continuing to spend money on applications, and am willing to spend big ($50 or so) on well done ones or critical ones or game changers (iCloud integration, Android in an app, augmented reality, Siri clone, PalmOS functionality, etc.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by panel View Post
    Nice idea, I will cotribute. I have some app ideas in my head, but have few time
    I agree, too many ideas, too little time.
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    Ok, so we have a few volunteers. What shall we have as a theme?


    Any more ideas?

    Andone from precentral want to make a post on the main page to get more people on board?
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