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    Dev geniuses:

    My Pre-'s touchscreen is completely unresponsive. I dropped it and there's a nasty crack.

    Is there any way I can recover PalmDatabase.db3 and PalmAccountDatabase.db3 from my PC without first having to use Internalz to copy them into the usb partition of pre since I can't operate anything without touch response?

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    you can use WOSQI
    Tools -> Receive a File
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    Worked great. Thanks!!!

    Just incase anyone else needs this info:
    Run webOS Quick Install.
    Tools -> Receive File

    In the File field, just copy and paste the following (do one at a time)

    Destination is a folder on your computer.

    Click on Get From Device.
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    I know that the PalmDatabase.db3 contains contacts, IMs, & memos, but what is in the PalmAccountDatabase.db3 that is worth copying?

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