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    I'm a new developer and I sold a few apps in October and it shows my sales reports and my account is linked up to my PayPal. I tried searching this but I didn't find anything. I'm just curious. Its been a month and two days since my first paid app was submitted.
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    they pay monthly, but I'm pretty sure its after you crack 100
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    Also, I think it is on a regular date that is after your first full 30 days of sales. So, like if they pay on the 3rd of the month, it would be the first 3rd after your first full 30 days of sales.... I think

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    I usually get paid around the 20th of every month, as long as my sales is over $100 since the last time I got paid. However, US sales and European sales is considered separately so if I make over $100 in the US, but not in Europe, then I'll only be paid for the US sales for that month.
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    Payment is around about the 20th or so of the month after the sales tally, provided that you have over $100 in the account, or at 6 month intervals otherwise.
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