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    I'm looking for someone to make a touchpad application for me - and I don't know where to go with this.

    I have a website that concentrates on stories (posting 2 or 3 a week) where I would like each story to be automatically turned into a book format (somewhat resembling the kindle app) but for my site.

    I know there are Iphone app maker things out there that all you have to do is add your Feed into it and pay the company a few hundred bucks to put it on the Iphone
    ... But I honestly feel if I do this for the touchpad I will receive a greater response simply because there is much less apps to be in competition with and it would be better reading on a touchpad anyway. I guess it would read nice on an Ipad to, but it wouldn't get the exposure.

    So where can I go to get something like this done? I can't seem to find people that do this and I'm not rich
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    If you made a thread on here with meaningful title. (not like this one) eg "Program(mer) wanted. EBook maker" and describe what you want, there would be some chance of success.
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    You can do this for free with Calibre. Just set up the feed & go.
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    wasn't sure if I was allowed to market needing an App developer on these forums or not, nor was I sure which forum would have been the correct one to post in.

    I'll check out this calibre & if it's not what i'm looking for I'll come back and post for a app - developer.

    Thanks everyone.

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