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    I have set some email accouts on my HP Veer (webOS 2.1.2), and maybe something is wrong with the SMTP server, emails can't be sent through the SMTP server.
    After that, I've noticed that the device wake up every 30 seconds (I altered the powerd upstart script to "powerd -l" so I can monitor device's wakeup status with the LED light). And the battery is draining fast.
    I've found out that the com.palm.smtp service is just tying to send mail or something, and it fails, then it tries again after 30 seconds. This causes the device wake up and drains the battery.
    I've deleted all the emails and all the email accounts and have rebooted for many times, but the smtp service just doesn't give up trying, even if it has failed millions of times.
    How can I make this "stupid" service stop trying?
    And the attachment is some logs I dump from com.palm.smtp in a single minute.
    Please help me, thanks!
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