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    Is there any working PalmOS emulator for webOS?

    If not, is there anyone actively working on one?
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    It's certainly technically possible. I used to run PalmOS under the Garnet VM on a Nokia internet tablet (N800, based on maemo) back in the Palm's strange days...

    Garnet VM Beta for Nokia Nseries

    The trick is getting source or a legally obtained bootable PalmOS. It's not exactly open source or anything.
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    there was, for older webos devices, Palm Classic, I think it's still in the app catalog but it did require a activation code or something. Folks have tried to get it running on TP and pre3 (myself included) without much luck. but webos 2.2 and below I believe it works if you can some how get around the registration as it hasn't been available for sale for a while.

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