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    OK, I admit it... I screwed up and hope someone can help :'(

    I did some editing on several jail_xxxxx.conf files without backing them up first and must have screwed something up because now several apps fail to load and jail debugging tells me /etc/jail_device.conf can not be found. The file is there, I did not edit it, and it loads fine when included from the jail_games.conf file (one I never modified). However when included from any of the jail files I tinkered with, I get the error.

    I tried to use ipkg manager to force-reinstall jail, but the package can not be found and I don't know where it is. I really just need a copy of the /etc/jail*.conf files if someone be so kind.

    Any help for the careless would be greatly appreciated!


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    I will begin the praying....
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    Time to visit the Doctor!
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    Here are a couple links for the doctor. You need to restore your device back to factory or you will continue to have problems.
    Palm Support : Using HP webOS Doctor
    Palm - webOS Doctor - Select your device
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    Thanks very much, but I'm not at the last resort yet. Mostly I'm still up and running and more interested in fixing the broken jail if possible.

    Ideally I hope someone can share a copy of their /etc/jail*.conf files with me, I only edited 5 in total (added a mount line) but in the process I seem to have broken several of them. I pulled out my edits but wonder if as I copy and pasted did I maybe paste some control characters which don't show in the editor?

    Anyway, I do appreciate you referring a good doctor :-)
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    You haven't specified your device or webos version. Here you get the files from my veer.
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    Oops, great point.

    I'm running a 16 gig TP, webOS 3.0.2

    Thanks for the files, turns out they are too different to solve my trouble but when I replaced the triton-inst and ran my test app I got a different result and figure this is a good sign that I'm on to something.

    Now if some kind sole would just send me the TP v3.0.2 version of the /etc/jail*.conf files I might be able to avoid the doc.
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    Why dont you just extract them from the webdoctor-file? After all a JAR is just a ZIP-file. There are some TARs in it from which you can extract every file you want.

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