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    Hello all,

    I used to have (still have in fact) NVbackup installed and running on my PalmOS devices (TX, Treo680 and Centro). I love this app that allow you to reset a device and completely restores all settings and data. I did that when I broke my first Treo680. When I received the second one, just put the SD card in the slot, push the NVbackup restore option and ... the phone was up and running with everything in minutes !

    Does anyone know ans equivalent for this under WebOS ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Palm TC, T3, T5, TX, Treo680, Centro and HP Pre3
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    How about Save/Restore from Preware feeds?

    Isn't that the same. To be honest, I never tried to thoroughly; but, it has the same idea and concept.
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    Part of it is done automatically - HP/Palm backs up your profile nightly - accounts (facebook, email accounts, etc.), contacts, default calendar, which apps you've purchased. So if you start with a new phone, those will be automatically restored once you re-enter your password. The applications will then re-download.

    The problem, as CvvB points out, is that the application data is lost. Save/Restore will help with some of that.

    I'd also suggest AVOIDING the Palm contacts/calendar - they don't make it easy to export, don't sync across devices (touchpad/phone), etc. I hated to do it, but I ended up using Google, and google services, to sync everything (and this way my calendar entrees and contacts are sync'd with my mac).

    No, it isn't as good as the old Palm backup solutions, it is slower, doesn't do as much, but you get about 80% of what the old solutions did, and you don't have to worry about losing your SD card.
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