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    Isn't text forwarding possible on webOS 2.x? I just got a pre3 but I have to keep my Sprint Pre2 because I can't just dump Sprint right now (family plan). So I'm getting a prepaid account for the pre3 and will have 2 phone numbers. I can easily forward my calls but I currently need to find a way to forward my text messages to the pre3 on my new number. Is this going to be possible in the future or is there a way currently that I don't know about?
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    Anyone else interested in text forwarding besides me?
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    Google voice works as advertised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dale46 View Post
    Google voice works as advertised.
    Do notifications work now with the new google voice app? And doesn't that require an internet connection? Just forwarding a text would not need an internet connection.

    edit: I see that with voogle 3.0 there is notifications now. This helps but I still prefer text forwarding but thank you
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