Stupid newbie question here.

I'm attempting to port a strategic wargame to webOS. The graphics will basically be an overhead view of a game map (subdivided into hexagons), with about a hundred playing pieces at various positions on the map. If you imagine this to be a chess game your visualization won't be far off the mark. The map is larger than can be all displayed at once so it will have to scroll.

The point is that performance is not an issue, this is not a side-scrolling real time game. A selected piece will gradually shuffle from one hexagon to another, that's the limit to the animation required.

After doing some reading on the subject, it appears that the two main strategies for programming this sort of thing is using lots of <DIV> tags with CSS, or using a webkit Canvas object.

[1] Are these the only programming solutions for my game?
[2] If so, which one would be better suited for my game?