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    I am kind of new to this forum. I have this hp compaq airlife 100 netbook -
    a little nice device with touch screen, and 3G network ready.
    But it has android 1.6 installed and I can't upgrade to the latest android.
    Since this is based on the same hardware as pre 3 (that's what I heard),
    is it possible that I install WebOs on this little machine?

    sorry if this is not a correct place to post but I really need some help.
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    I'm pretty sure that the answer to your question is No, you can not install webOS because webOS is NOT open sourced so if you did, then you would be violating HP licensing. I also know nothing about the hardware in your netbook but webOS is hard coded to run on a particular qualcomm chip so if you had any other chip then it wouldn't work anyway.

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