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    I've been working on an app to stream music from
    First, I started to tweak this app :
    Running under the Mojo framework.
    It wasn't working anymore, therefore I fixed it and added some features to it.

    Then I started developing under the Enyo framework and since I'm now almost done, I decided to publish it to the "world".

    So here it is :
    * Mojo Version : Download Flying Sound from

    * Enyo Version : Download Flying Sound from

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    It has been tested on a HP Touchpad as well as on the emulator.
    It should run fine on Touchpads, I don't know if it'll work on other devices.
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    it doesn't work on the pixi (out of screen)
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    It would be great to have a pixi version of a soundcloud app, because the mobile page doesn't work for me at all. :-(
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    could you add in index.html, after </head> the following lines:

    <meta name='viewport' content='height=device-height'>

    so that it plays nicer on pre3. Also the on the Mojo one, the search bar is too wide on pre3 and cannot search. On Enyo, works really nicely on pre3 landscape but play does not play song, but shows name of current song playing on top of search results. Will send pics after
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    Does this still work? I been using and its been working great using the advanced browser.

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