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    Posting this again as I need my settings by tomorrow in my new Sprint Franken Pre 2:

    Preware is not showing up in the menu of app choices in WebOSQuickInstaller for some reason.

    I get the "No Packages Found" error in WebOsQuickInstall 3.14, 4.2.3, and 4.3.1. What's up with that? Why doesn't good 'ol Preware show up for installation?! I reinstalled novacom, and opened and closed WOSQI several times and no Preware. Go figure. I on a Windows 7 PC and the Pre 2 is in Developer mode and I want to do the Save/Restore procedure next.

    Anyone have a clue about this?! Thanks!
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    its possible that the Server is Down. Are you on the apps tab? Did you use search? For the pre2 you can try the self installer to see if it still works. They haven't been updating it.
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    Yes, on the apps tab. Yes, tried the search many times and looked in all tabs.

    How do I use the self installer? I've searched the forums and came up empty. Thanks!

    Edit: I should note that, when trying 3.14, Preware actually does show up, but after I download it and then hit "install," I get an error. On both of the later versions, Preware doesn't even show up.
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