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    Hello, all... I hope I am posting this in the right forum!

    I'm writing a quick little shell script that will log the current being supplied by my TouchPad's battery, along with other useful info like CPU speed, screen brightness, wifi state, etc. I want to better understand how power is consumed by various hardware components.

    I found two counters that seem to have the information I need, although obviously calculated differently: /sys/devices/i2c-3/3-0031/getcurrent and /sys/devices/i2c-3/3-0031/getavgcurrent. Does anyone know details on how these counters are implemented?

    The names suggest that one is instantaneous power draw while the other is some sort of average. But while examining getcurrent, it does not change to immediately reflect, say, the screen changing brightness or turning off. That suggests it is actually derived from some moving average. getavgcurrent also does not act as if it were a reading averaged over time, since it can suddenly spike high or drop low. Large changes like that should be smoothed out by an average.

    Anyone know?
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    Have you tried seeing where are these files used in the services and/or binaries?

    I am not around my experimenting PC to see.
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    I don't have source code or anything to decompile binary executables, but I did grep through all the *.jsjsjs $files$, $and$ $the$ $only$ $script$ $that$ $referenced$ $it$ $was$ $Dr$ $Battery$, $and$ $it$ $didn$'$t$ $really$ $tell$ $me$ $anything$ $useful$. $I$ $was$ $hoping$ $HP$ $would$ $have$ $provided$ $developed$ $documentation$ $on$ $what$ $each$ $counter$ $means$ $and$ $how$ $it$ $is$ $calculated$, $but$ $I$ $have$ $not$ $been$ $able$ $to$ $locate$ $that$ $yet$ ($assuming$ $it$ $exists$).

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