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    I devlopped an application using Enyo.
    I packaged and installed it on my TouchPad (thank's to Dev mode), but it runs as if it were under a Pre 3 emulator :0(
    Where am I wrong? Bad compilation? Configuration problem?
    I found nothing on the subject in HP websites.
    Could you help me!

    Thx in advance

    PS : I use this version of SDK

    Component versions for HP webOS SDK
    HP webOS SDK Version 3.0.2
    HP webOS SDK Build 652
    Framework (enyo) 117
    Framework (mojo) 506
    Emulator ROM 3041
    SDK Tools 22
    SDK Tools - Emulator 24
    Enyo Framework 99
    Samples 142413
    Reference Applications code... at submission 35 at submission 107.1 at submission 68 at submission 58.2 at submission 60.2 at submission 22
    End of Reference Applications code
    Inspector 2
    Novacom(32-bit) 76
    PDK 115
    Build mark 499303
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    Do you have "uiRevision" : 2 in your appinfo.json file?
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    Get your Ares apps Touchpad ready | The CodingBees

    that should help. It did for me. Its really easy. You just have to add that line that RickNeff said. This site tells you how to view ares with other resolutions too
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickNeff View Post
    Do you have "uiRevision" : 2 in your appinfo.json file?
    That's it! U got the point.

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