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    I know it's an old thread, but was looking only now for a vnc client to use on my pre 3 (to access a raspberry pi :P), found this thread and what can I say... it works like a charm ( but I've not installed v 0.3.0 since I'm not understanding if it's better or not ).

    A pity that apparently the project is since long stopped. It would deserve to be on preware, I think
    You made the right move - I think the previous is the better one. 0.3.0 was based on the newer version of TigerVNC, but I didn't feel it was better - indeed, it felt slightly slower.

    There haven't been any updates lately because there's been no real updates upstream. But, I'm pleased to hear it works on a Pre3 - it was only developed on a Touchpad (0.3.0 was compiled on a Raspberry Pi as TigerVNC really changed the build system and it refused to cross-compile).

    I looked into getting it on Preware, but trying to change the entire TigerVNC build system to work on their build system was just not going to work.
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    Works like a charm, aside a small grey bar on the bottom, thick as the scrollbar located just above (and aside not rotating).

    It feels more responsive than Tightvnc (client) run on my win7 dual xeon.... (better refresh). I've still to read fully the thread about how to invoke right or center click and/or any trick, but that's all, I would say.

    I suppose, too, that given the small screen (actually small cursor), using a stylus would be better in some situations (not that I have difficulties hitting minimize / maximize using a finger )
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