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    I'm looking to develop an app that does calculations to simplify nutrition assessments for dietitians.

    I was wondering which OS should I start with to later port to the others?
    iOS, WebOS, Android, WM7, or Blackberry

    Once I create it on one OS, I'd like to port it to the others as well to increase availability.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I have some programming knowledge but I haven't done it in 10 years (C and Java). I'm pretty comfortable in Excel and have used it to create a spreadsheet. I have been told I should sell it but I don't know how I can make money off of a spreadsheet without making everything in it available. Also, computers aren't always available but mobile devices and smartphones would be.
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    if you want to go multiplatform, maybe you should look into phonegap or appcelerator.
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    I hear that using Enyo for webOS is the easiest, and that it would be somewhat easy to port to other platforms.
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    Does Enyo still work for v1.45 of WebOS or only for 2.0 and beyond?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've never heard of phonegap or appcelerator.
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    2.2 and beyond, afaikafaikafaik
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    In my opinion, you can use phonegap. But there is a better solution to first develop the app in webos and then port it to phonegap. so you can study the platform, how widgets are managed with jsjsjs $and$ $html$. $After$ $that$ $you$ $can$ $port$ $it$ $to$ $other$ $platforms$ $with$ $performance$ $and$ $design$ $in$ $mind$.

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