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    Stupid newbie question here.

    Is it possible to install the Python language on a webOS device, along with the TrollTech Qt framework (i.e., either PyQt or Pyside)?

    I have a few nice Python apps I'd like to port to webOS, and it would speed things up if I didn't have to re-write them in Mojo or Enyo.
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    I'm interested in learning python and was looking for a way to install python on my hp touchpad and found the following links, but it's a bit beyond me as to what I actually have to do to install it.

    (Sorry tried to add the links, but this is my first message!) / p / python-for-webos [ python-for-webos - Python for HP-Palm webOS devices - Google Project Hosting ] / thp / python-webos / grundprinzip / PyPalm / projects / webos-python [ Unofficial Python on webOS ] / 2011 / webos [webOS hacks, Python on webOS and the python-webos module] / distribution / viewtopic.php?f=70&t=8598 /2009/12/18/pypalm-for-palm-webos-development [ PyPalm for Palm webOS development ] /techblog/?cat=7 [ Tech Blog Python]
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    Ended up installing Ubuntu CHROOT.

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