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    i was thinking a bout building a Bluetooth keyboard from an old Bluetooth headset and use a different pitch for each key and have an app on the pre that turns that pitch in to a letter or mumbler . the only thing is i i cant solder to save my life or if its going to Work
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it
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    That seems like an insane amount of work. Why not just buy a regular bluetooth keyboard?
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    the pre wont work with a normal blutooth keyboard palm never made a driver
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it
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    Nice though .... I am interested in this, also .

    I think it is feasible. I haven't looked deep into it but my initial thought is that once you have the old Headset, you can take the Bluetooth chip. Or, you can buy a cheap chip for that matter. Connect the keyboard to the bluetooth chip through a uController. In the u Controller, we can build our own protocol.

    Implementing the protocol will be done through a service and few patches here and there in the Luna Manager Application in webOS.

    Or ... we can just implement a driver for the standard Bluetooth protocol through Services and Luna patches.

    Let me know what do you think and I will go through the structure of webOS to see if that can be done.

    I think we should also make sure the webOS 2.2 doesn't implement that feature; it might be that HPalm already included that in 2.2!
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    sure lets give it a shot im gathering parts as we speak for testing im just going to do like 3-4 buttons just to see if it works if so the only bad thing is i only have a pre- (1.4.5) but i think the file system is basically the same
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it
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    i was doing some testing with a bluetooth head set and their might be a delay with the sound reaching the device it seems the delay is 1-2 sec
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it

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