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    Why can't I just compile a linux app to run on WebOS? Without Ubunto chroot?

    I know its a dumb question, but I had to ask...

    Is is because there is no X Server in the touchpad?

    I'm just wondering how one would take an app such as putty or rdesktop and run it on the touchpad
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    Well, you can in some cases. If your linux program is just a terminal app, if you install a terminal app, it can be run through there. Compiling for ARM is performed as described on webos-internals (and in the PDK for that matter). If you do in fact put ubuntu on the touchpad, then you have direct access to gcc and the rest of the gnu tools right there.

    As for Putty and rdesktop, are there Qt ports? You may be able to download the webos Qt library in preware, and then run with that.
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    Right now im trying to find a way either to compile one of those 2 apps for touchpad without chroot / ubuntu. Ill take a look at the Qt ports in preware
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    How would you compile something like Chromium for the TouchPad?
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    I would like to start compiling Linux apps for the TouchPad. I'm inexperienced and don't know where to start.
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    You need to have a Xserver running on the TP to get any graphical linux app to run, unless it is SDL or opengl based, which you can do through Xecutah and there is already some work going on to setting up rdesktop (ioremote I believe) to launch without chroot. also as mentioned above things like QT and other graphic front ends wont work unless you can install/port the needed packages. Might think about heading over to and do some reading up.

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