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    Hey, look at coLinux, it runs linux as a windows service.
    So maybe it is possible to do similar thing in webOS, run Android kernel side-by-side. Maybe this can be a virtualized kernel that provides access to same hardware. Then Android apps should be running just fine, with Android libs talking to the Android kernel.

    I am newbie but if this is technically possible then it should be great as applications will not need to be duplicated on different Linux platforms.
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    Seems already possible?

    XenARM - Xen Wiki

    Xen-ARM is called originally Secure Xen on ARM which consists of Xen on ARM VMM and the associated access control.

    Xen-ARM Archives

    Android Goldfish (QEMU 0.82 based Android emulator):

    Patching the QEMU: qemu-xen_arm-081120.tar.bz2
    Some source codes of emulator are modified in order to make the emulator load two mini-os images into RAM before executing Secure Xen on ARM.
    More details on how to run Secure Xen on ARM on modified Goldfish emulator are found in the section A.2 of user guide.

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