Really hoping someone knows a workaround or any help at all in getting access to Physicians Reference Labs (PRL) web login with Fastpath? I guess it really only works well with IE, but maybe someone can help out as it'd be a HUGE thing to be able to access on the TP that I got for my dad as a surprise thank you for all that he has done for me over over the years. He's a research doctor for new cures and treatments and I guess uses this site a lot as it was the first place he wanted to check out when I gave it to him. Sadly, it won't let him login.

I'd be happy to throw some money to help out if anyone has a fix, but I'm just a student so can't afford a lot, which why I thought the TP would be great since I'm on limited funds and can only work part-time with school.

that's the site believe, and I hope someone can give me some feedback if its even possible!?!??