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    I've held off changing the stock kernel & didn't know if it would be of use to developers at all? Things seem to be smoother when I ran it right out of the box vs my 32gb version. I think it got updated & improved stock of the kernel as 3.0.2 was already loaded & it just seems to run much better even vs my 32 that is running F4 Phantom . Some one let me know quick if they want to play with it or compare? Otherwise I'm itching to load on a new oc'd kernel soon..
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    I'm pretty sure 3.0.2 on the White 64GB is the same as it is on 16/32GB versions. The difference is probably due to the 1.5Ghz processors vs the 1.2 ones. By the way, I'm also using a 64GB TP and found using the Warthog kernel to be running smooth at 1.7Ghz, I also notice a considerable difference from switching from stock. The F4 kernel also seems to have run well, I just didn't like the start-up scrolling text log.
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    PM the user "codecrumb" I'm sure he'd be interested.
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