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    Hi guys,

    Since I know about as much code as I do greek, I am hoping that this idea isn't a hard one to implement.

    Myself and a few other friends with TPs have thought that it would be nice to have the option to create a message that is populated into the interface (added just below or above) which comes up when you enter your pin/password to access the TP.

    For example: "This tablet belongs to John Doe. Please contact him via phone or email at: xxx-xxx-xxxx. Reward to be offered to anyone who finds and returns this tablet! Thank you!"

    You guys get the idea I am sure. Would this be hard to do? I know I would be willing to pay $1-2 dollars at least for this and I am sure others would as well.


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    An easier solution would be to incorporate that text into your wallpaper.

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    Easier, yes. Much less elegant however!

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