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    Can anyone explain what this does? I tried searching on here and googling to no avail.

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    The news might just have been filtering through when you did you initial search, google news search for diginotar ssl certificate.
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    thanx to the community to having an eye on these security issues.
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    So good idea to install this on my phone and tablet?

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    I figure it won't hurt to throw it on there. Looks like there's really nothing to the patch. Just install it and it should remove any unwanted certs. Works for me.
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    as long as HP does not take care of this situation with an own update to webos 1.4.5/2.0.1/2.1/2.2/3.02 it's good that the community has a way to block certificates that are compromised.
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    Yes it is indeed very importat to install this. Not only on your webOS Devices but you should also take care of it on your "normal" Computers!
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    I made this patch. However, it did not work as expected. So please uninstall it.

    But as a followup, I have developed an alternated method to remove/disable the untrusted cert(s).

    Go to Available Other -> Linux Application and look for an app with the same name "Remove Untrusted SSL Certs". Installing this will do the right thing.
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    btw. was this diginotar cert removed by the stock 2.2.4 doctor? Just wanted to know if i have to install the linux application "Remove Untrusted SSL Certs" after doctoring or after OTA to 2.2.4.

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