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    Goal: Copy photos from a phone with cracked screen and no active Palm Profile.

    Using WebOS Quick Install, I can download a file from my Pre- using this path:


    Is there a way to d/l the entire DCIM folder?

    I can't use the USB function because this phone has a cracked screen. It's been replaced already by Asurian and the Palm Profile has been transferred to the replacement phone. You can't do ANYTHING normally on the phone if it's not connected to a profile.

    However, I can receive files using Quick Install. Is there a way to receive a whole folder?

    Note: I can't get the phone in USB mode using OPT-SYM-U because the phone is stuck on the "Signed Out" screen that's telling me it's no longer signed in to the Palm Profile.
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    There used to be an Activation Bypass Tool that would allow you to use a Pre without an activated account, IIRC. This was on the old Palm site...note sure where it might be now.
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    Wow, JT, that worked and it was easy.

    FWIW, HPWebOS tech support told me that something like this is impossible. I knew somebody at P|C would come through.

    I've copied everything from the phone that I can see in USB mode. So I might be done.


    Before I return this phone to Asurian, how would I delete all personal information from the device? The tech support guy told me it's impossible to do a remote wipe if there is no active profile.

    I guess I could doctor the phone -- but can this be done to a phone with a cracked (and not functional) screen?

    Finally, is there a way to get into the folders that aren't visible? I already have the PalmDatabase.db3 file, and all contacts/emails are in the Gmail cloud anyway, so is there anything more I really need to get off this device?

    Thanks, JT, for your help.
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    You can doctor it without having to use the Pre's screen.

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