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    I have been working on an App to view budgets and accounts and sync with You Need a Budget (YNAB) of www .youneedabudget. com (Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows, Mac & Linux). I am a rather inexperienced programmer so it has been slow.

    I want the software really bad but I realize I am not the one to build it, so I am offering up my program source code to anyone who is interested in developing the software. I only have a half working and not very pretty mojo version of the software. It displays account lists and then transactions, but no budgets yet. My idea was to make it cloud sync with the desktop YNAB using or dropbox, I am not anywhere close to that yet.

    I think a touchpad app would be really awesome and whomever decides to take this on will probably stand to make a good profit. My vision for the touchpad app is pretty close to the desktop version for functionality and then syncing via the cloud. Again I am not the one to develop it but I would pay for it twice probably since both my wife and I have touchpads.

    I am hoping that in the hands of the right developer this could be awesome. I also have the wifi sync specs that the current iPhone program uses to sync with the desktop version. This could be used as a version 1.0 instead of the cloud sync to offer a quicker useable version.
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    I would pay 10 to 15$ right now for a good personal finance app for my touchpad
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    Are you still working on this project? I see that this was posted years ago, but I am interested in creating an app for my touchpad/YNAB. They now have dropbox/cloud capabilities in their current updates.

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