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    my config is the following..

    menuentry "webOS 3.0" {
    set root=(hd0,msdos3)
    linux (hd0,msdos3)/boot/bzImage root=/dev/hdc3 rw vga=791

    obviously you will have to edit the root accordingly to your disk and partitions.
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    Cool! I wonder how high performance this is. Would it work well on an older P3 or something? Might be a good way to give an old PC new life.
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    it failed..

    there is a problem with my config: "root=/dev/sda3" -> the bootloader couldn't load from this partition.. Maybe sda3 doesn't exist in this bootloader.
    SDA3 is the 3rd partition within the webos files (Ubuntu -> formated -> ext3).

    Should I use NTFS or ext3?

    problems, problems, problems...

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    in some weeks I will start continue this project.
    The greatest problem could be the missing pointer..

    Hope we find a solution for this.. Need some devs!

    best regards

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