I didn't look at the details of webos so please forgive any naive/wrong ideas here.

One of the key feature of webos is that the developer only need HTML5/CSS and Java script knowledge, of course you can still use the PDK.

We knew that Google have the Chrome OS idea, which put every app into the browser. Since most webos app are just like inside a browser, it should be possible to have a special browser run on other platform, and your webos app can run inside that browser. Here the browser is just like JVM.

That will be good news for developers, but maybe not welcomed by other OS vendors. I guess apple will not allow it happen officially, unless it was done by jailbreak community. And to rely webos on Android could make things complicated too.

However, have a webos browser run on your windows could be a big plus. Actually it's possible to have it run on all your devices support a browser.

Besides, I think this method will not have further impact on the program speed, i.e. apps run inside browser on Android should not slower than on webos machine.

What do you think?