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    I have a calendar problem that's apparently increasingly common. One of my calendars came "unhooked" from the account, so all of the events are present, but the associated calendar is "undefined". Apparently it's a known problem, but HP's answer is "delete all of them manually". Because they are synced to the profile, doctoring and wiping data doesn't help, and I don't want to delete my profile.
    So the request: I would like a utility that walks the calendar database, and if the associated calendar for the event is Undefined, then do a deleteEvent.

    It looks like a lot of people could use this, and I'll pay at least $20 - can anyone either help, or offer to chip in some more incentive?
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    It looks like I need this utility, too, ugh. I'd pay for it as well.
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    I join myself to a petition for such a utility. Now that webOS is open source, does it also mean there are more possibilities.
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    Yes, I need this too. However, when I had this issue on my Pre3, a webOS Doctor did fix the problem. However, I have this issue on my TouchPad too but haven't doctored that yet
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    I also need this. Anyone?

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