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    I know this is has probably been raised before. But now given the suddenly swarm of new webos users and the status of the webos and distrust from some developers, I am not sure how many new apps will be onboard or old apps abandoned.

    One think I am happy with android (using it at the moment) is that a lot of apps in IOS is also available in android, so this gives me some cross platform to interact with my friends. However with webOS, this is severly limited for sure. Hence I wonder is someone could develop a webos application to allow us to install and run android apps on webos.

    I really don't mind paying for such an application as it gives me some relieve of having more application to use on webos as the app catalog catches up and more developers port their apps to webos (over time in the future)

    One thing though, the application must be available on the free apps catalog. However, we can then pay for it in a website to activate that app, just like what chapura used to (not sure about now) and what many palm apps used to do. The reason I ask for that is that there are probably many non-US users stuck with their own regions app catalog and will not be able to paid for it through normal mean (i.e. via app catalog), like Australia, Singapore or not official countries. By allowing people to pay outside the app catalog, surely this will allow more people to purchase the application and make the apps more successful.

    Apologies if this sounds ridiculous...
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    I was also wondering about this. And maybe not as an App, but why could the ability not be built in to the OS? I thought I heard something about the Playbook being able to run Android apps, So why couldn't WebOS?
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    Something like Alien Dalvik?
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    Official: Palmdroid Development Thread (android app emulator for WebOS)

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