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    ok so I have very very little experience programing. I took java in high school n college and honestly I did not like it at all. I had absolutely no patience and desire for programing and on top of everything I was the only girl in class and my study sessions with my classmates were very awkward to say the least lol.

    I have been in love with webos since I saw it at CES 2008. I was unable to buy it the first week because they were sold out at the bestbuys near me. When I did get it, it was everything I hoped it would be and more!!! I am still using a sprint pre and I still love it.

    I know we are goin to be losing some developers (thanks alot hp) so I want to step up. Like I said I know very little but I am a quick learner and have some time this semester.

    so where should I start? What do I need tp learn before I can get started?

    If webos dies I want to look back and know that I tried everything I could, including developing for it.

    Thanks in advance.
    *sent from my palm pre*
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    Here you go my friend:
    -Travis Antonio
    Trakyng Games

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    Never forget to say Thanks, God bless you all.
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    Start by learning HTML and javascript on your computer if you have a fairly good grasp of those concepts then you can easily create webOS apps using enyo. If you want to make games or apps that need more processing power, then you'll want to take a look into C++ and openGL using the PDK.

    I might not have all the facts 100% correct so hopefully someone else can clarify more.

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    First go through all the tutorials for CSS and JavaScript on w3schools. Once you have done that, make sure you have Google Chrome installed and write a few simple programs that work on Chrome. Once you have done that, install the emulator and start trying those programs on the device, and go from there.
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    Check out too. And on behalf of the webOS community thanks for wanting to step up and develop
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    If you use a Pre yourself I would opt for developing using the Mojo framework instead of Enyo which is TouchPad only. As for the learning experience it is similar.

    Anyway, indeed go to the Palm developer website and download the Software Development Kit (SDK). Try look in the installed folders for examples. That will give you some idea of what it is all about.
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    If you are interested in Mojo development for the phones, my tutorials in my signature are still up and valid.
    Richard Neff

    My tutorials on WebOS development: Beyond 'Hello World!' | Getting Started - WebOS Development

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