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    I've got a Touchpad and I'm looking to modify the sorting within the Photos app. I'm using Snapfish as my source and under 3.0.0 it was honoring the order that the photos were added to Snapfish. Under 3.0.2, it's reversing them so the newest photos are first. I like the old behavior better so I'm trying to reverse it. I believe I've found the locations in the .jsjsjs $files$ $to$ $set$ $the$ $order$ $from$ $the$ $dbquery$ $so$ $I$'$m$ $wanting$ $to$ $get$ $it$ $on$ $my$ $Touchpad$ $and$ $test$. $That$'$s$ $where$ $I$'$m$ $getting$ $stuck$. $I$'$ve$ $looked$ $at$ $Jason$'$s$ $Unified$ $Diff$ $Creator$, $but$ $I$'$m$ $not$ $sure$ $where$ $these$ $files$ $exist$ $on$ $the$ $device$ $itself$. $I$ $found$ $them$ $in$ $the$
    resources/webos/nova-cust-image-topaz.rootfs/usr/palm/applications/ folder. But when browing my Touchpad's folder, I'm not seeing the location there. Any tips on where I should be looking would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think that can be changed. Ironically, many of us grabbed at Palm and celebrated when they changed it to first-on-top.
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    I can understand that. But if you're trying to use it as a "true" photo album, chronological works best for me. I think a button to go either way would work best myself.

    I see a flag called desc that can be set to true or false. In the one place it's set, it's set to true which would make sense to the newest first order. Just figuring if I set to it false in all locations that it would display the other way.
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    hoping someone can give me some basic help on altering the jsjsjs $files$ $on$ $a$ $device$. ($or$ $getting$ $modified$ $js$ $files$ $over$ $there$)

    thanks for any help.

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