Ok just started learning all things webOS/jscript/css/html, the jscript seems relativly easy enough to pickup eventually, the CSS/Html as my choice for a UI/visuals for an App atm is whats drivign me nuts, feels so alien using them to make a gui.

Soooo, started using ares not logn ago to try and simplify things, have a look, see what it does etc, tried messign with the basics in there, all was goin nice and slow/ok, then firefox breaks it.

Also installed chrome now just to use Ares, however last time it worked for me (on firefox) i had a large touchpad sized workspace to design into, now its replaced with a tiny phone, i thought all we needed was "uiRevision": 2 in appinfo.json to correct this, or does that only affect the output in the emulated runs.

I only see icons on the top/left for landscape/portrait Pixi and pre, has the touchpad already been erased from Ares or do i have hope?