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    Hi everybody, so I am currently attempting to install a Russian keyboard on my TouchPad, and in order to do so I need to run a .sh file. In order to run the file, I need to connect via novaterm, and here is where my problem lies.

    I have installed webOS 3.0.2. SDK on my computer, and the emulator runs perfectly inside VirtualBox. However, when I open cmd and type "palm-generate" as suggested by the Palm SDK Installation website, it doesn't recognize the command. As well, running novaterm1.exe (I'm running Windows btw) and attempting to connect to "localhost" results in an error, instead of root access to my TouchPad, which is connected via USB and "Just Charge"-ing.

    Any help will be appreciated, the keyboard isn't urgent but I would like to use it.
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    I need help with this too. Same exact issue. Thanks!
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    Just to be sure you do have developer mode turned on, right? I spent an hour battling this one night only to realize I'd forgotten that key step Can't webos quick install run .sh files really easily?
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