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note that if you use gamix or any other means of altering the volume, that sometimes they alter your webOS volume, gamix for example, when changing volume using this, it actually reduces/increases volume etc which is good if you dotn want your eardrums bleeding, however whatever you set the volume to actually becomes the max volume for webOS, some programs however dont do this which is ofc preferable.

short version, if you alter sound somehow (via device prefs rather than a programs own volume) in ubuntu then later note your webOS music player or games seem amazingly quiet, remember to ramp the volume back up in ubuntu to fix this issue.

crap description of problem

Volume Levels
0% ----------- 25% ----------- 50% ----------- 75% ----------- 100%MAX

Normal volume in webOS = 0% to 100%

You then for example change volume in ubuntu to 75% to stop your music being far too loud.

0% ----------- 25% ----------- 50% ----------- 75%MAX

Now the volume in webOS can only reach 0% to 75% because ubuntu has lowered the max achievable volume of webOS to 75% yet webOS will still show MAX volume, unfortunatly its MAX is now only 75% of normal and noticably quieter, obviously this becomes more exagerated if you change the volume in ubuntu to 50% or less, again webOS cant push the volume higher until you put the volume back to normal in ubuntu.

if you dont have or notice this issue, ignore all of the above
Lol, cool. So far the build is doing excellently. I did notice that volume thing but I have soon after adjusted.