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    I've not yet done any development, but I'd like to see...

    1. TTS photos From my Pre3

    2. TTS clipboard between machines

    is there an API thats easy for a beginner to use?
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    The API is quite simple but not extendable as it is now (see it documentation at Palm:"). It is essentially a just-tap-to-transfer-by-Bluetooth mechanism, so doing it manually over Bluetooth would effectively be the same.

    The thing is this all relies on webOS service running in the background, not so much the application. I do not know whether it is possible to adjust the service (to have it accept more filetypes) or replace it (but that would a difficult thing as you need to handle Bluetooth handshaking, security issues and setting up file transfers over Bluetooth all by yourself). The latter seems a complex expert-only thing.
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