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    Is something like this possible?

    By "skin" I mean something like SenseUI, where the phone looks and is used like WebOS but is still Android underneath.

    I can't wait another year for a possible licensing agreement to produce a new I'll probably have to move on to Android.
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    You might try some of the app switchers that try to mimic the cards metaphor. I haven't tried any myself, but thy look clunky.
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    For cards alone, if the hardware has the 4 touch keys at the bottom, that can serve as gestures right? At least for left and the less used right swipes. On Android, the cards metaphor is mimicked by an app called Itching Thumb. It's usable but need a lot more polish.
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    I seriously can't stand Android or iOS as operating systems, and it kills me that HP is dropping WebOS.

    But, as a business user I can't afford to NOT have a supported off I go to another ecosystem.

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