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    I'm hoping to see one...
    Open source, has already been ported over from Linux to Meego, iOS, and Android.
    Runs the Infinity engine for games like Baldur's Gate. Would be great to play these kinds of games on the touchpad or the Pre3!

    Talked to a developer in their IRC channel (fuzzie), who said it could be ported over fairly easily using SDL.
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    +1 for this.
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    You can find an ipk for an early version at grazzt's site:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 0graham0 View Post
    You can find an ipk for an early version at grazzt's site:
    Thanks to grazzt and to you for telling me about this! Can't believe I had missed this reply to my own request until now.

    To others, support this kind of work!
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    Hmm... have you guys been able to get it to work? After installing it, I see an icon for it, but it doesn't do anything and I don't see a folder for it in the appdata folder
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    I believe the first time click it doesnt work (probably generating config files?, might look into it)

    But after that it should work.

    You need to full valid BG2 installation copied into /media/internal/bg2
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheepenpen View Post
    Hmm... have you guys been able to get it to work? After installing it, I see an icon for it, but it doesn't do anything and I don't see a folder for it in the appdata folder
    It definitely works. You need to do a FULL Installation of the game on your computer first, mount the touchpad as a usb drive, create your own folder called BG2, and copy the contents of the game directory into it. I have the throne of baal expansion installed and it lets me select between the original or expansion.

    If you want to play any of the other games that GemRB supports, just use internalz, go to com.grazzt.gemrb/etc and edit the bg2.cfg file to change the game type to any of baldur's gate, icewind dale/iwd2, or planescape torment.

    It seems many of the patches available (gobzillions for these games) are already supported, but for now the game runs at 640x480.
    *edit: Ha, grazzt beat me to it
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    alright, will try again, thanks a lot guys
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    lol... that was silly of me. After installing internalz i see that the root folder that gets accessed via usb is /media/internal... I had made those again and put bg2 inside. Thanks again!
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    fwiw picklefart, I found the problem with mouse movements only doing 640x480 even in higher resolutions, so it should be fixed soon.
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    just replace the old with the one above (gunzip first).

    Will make a new ipk at some point
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    Hmm... after character creation, i see the game ui, but the the play area is solid blue and it crashes seconds later.
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    I have tried all three resolutions via editing bg2.cfg, and all have worked from the beginning, loading games, etc.

    Maybe its your addons, or maybe the cache is corrupted. I dunno.
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    Yay, found the problem. I guess the GOG version had moved some files around. Dug up my old CDs and it's working great now =)

    edit: Odd that there still aren't any files or folders of any kind inside of com.grazzt.gemrb... oh well, at least the game works haha

    edit2: oops... found it... was looking in the wrong place again lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by grazzt View Post

    just replace the old with the one above (gunzip first).

    Will make a new ipk at some point
    Awesome work, thank you so much! I'll test this out now.

    To others trying this out and being boggled by scrolling on the map, at the bottom of the config file, there is a command that can be commented out which will draw lines at the points on the edges which will cause the screen to scroll.
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    Yup, looks great in 1024x768. Only problem I'm having at any resolution is that when I tap on the UI, a lot of times it makes the selected unit walk to where i tap. Other than that, I'm pretty blown away by it lol. Very much appreciate your work =)
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    Mods, given that this is in a very playable state at this point, would you mind changing the post title to reflect that it's been released, and that it plays BG2/IWD/PS:T?

    A couple of points for everyone: First if you haven't gotten a chance to play these games, these are the mothers of all RPGs with the default BG2 focusing on gameplay and game length, and PS:T focusing on story. There's a bajillion mods out there to make changes to your hearts' content and many of them work.

    As far as Grazzt's port, much of the time you'll have to doubletap to select items. This was intentional from Grazzt in order to avoid misclicks and allow dragging. If you use the Widescreen Mod to play at 1024x768 it will look nicer and you won't have to scroll as much but the text gets smaller. Incidentally, there is a spot in BG2.cfg (accessible using Internalz) to uncomment that will draw lines at the region that you'd tap to scroll. You'll also have to make minor changes to this file if you want to play a game other than BG2:SoA or BG2:ToB.

    A bug in the current version that I've noticed (0.1.1 with the replaced, which allows you to select dialog when playing at res'es higher than 640x480): It seems that the dialog boxes display properly but the game thinks that the dialog boxes are shorter than they actually are. At the top of the dialog box, you can select the text just fine, but as you go farther down, the text that is selected is shifted higher and higher from where your finger is tapping, and thus you can't select text that is at the bottom of the screen. You can Pause and Unpause the game to mitigate this problem (moves the text up) or just pull up the keyboard and tap the number for the dialog option you want. Screenshots are attached showing this. Thumbnails show 1024x768 goodness as well as the bug. The cursor is where my finger is and the white text is what is selected.

    Grazzt, just a thought: The people doing the iOS port have thought a bit about how to improve gameplay with a touchscreen and they implemented two-finger scrolling for the map and per-pixel scrolling for the text area (like pressing middle mouse button down and moving the mouse up & down). The devs state in their wiki that the changes are portable to other GemRB builds and would be shared if asked for (see the Features Unique to iOS and Touch Input sections): install:ios [GemRB wiki]

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    Also make sure you're using the retail CD release, at least for BG2. When I tried the GOG release the movies didn't play and the game crashed right after character creation.
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    I have uploaded a new ipk with the fixed SDLVideo.

    And looking at the source code, all the ios stuff is for SDL 1.3, which webos doesnt support?

    Could probably port some of it over. Do you think their input methods are better than what is now? (if the click/dragging/double click was fixed)

    (and yes, adding the touchscreen scrolling bars in the .cfg helps a lot, but of course the updated ipk still doesnt have it set. lol)

    Scroll the viewport is normally what mouse button/key?
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    what a blast from teh past seeign it boot up, wasnt sure if it would work, its my old old old install + has an expansion on top of it but yeah seems to work well, cheers.
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