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    for 1 month I use my new phone (Palm Pre - updated to OS 2.1 - first thing I did )

    Now I wanted to create own apps with Eclipse and the SDK.
    -> Created the app
    -> Created a scene
    -> tested on the SDK-Emulator -> works perfect

    The new app shows a predefined text correctly.
    Also with stylesheets.
    Pretty good!

    Now I wanted to develop my own app.
    This should show some information for users such as CPU speed, memory capacity and so on.

    So we will come now to the main problem.
    How can I (or the Pre ) read out this information?
    Govnah (for example) can set the cpu-clock, lower or higher like I want.

    So it must be possible to read out the data.
    But how?

    Is there anywhere a tutorial? Or can someone give me an explanation for this?

    I look forward to your help.


    PS: I'm from Germany, I hope my English is readable
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    You might also want to read this thread. Have a webOS app execute uname or something like that
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    Soooo, first result:

    2 tables with lot of data.


    -> OS - Version
    -> Display-Resolution (Pre: 320x480)
    -> Serial Number (Phone)
    -> Availabillity of wifi and bluetooth

    -> data from accelerometer (as it is in my hand -> up, down, left, rigth, face down and so on)

    Unfortunately, the print of the x/y/z - values does not work...
    So I see something like: X - undefined...

    In next time I will solve this problem.

    Data from the cpu I didn't find.. I'm searching...

    But it works almost. It is a good start!

    I also tried to set a background-image with CSS (body {...}).
    But without success...

    Thank you for your replies!

    Marcus from Germany
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    Feel free to hit that Thanks button and good luck
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    Yeah a Thanks! button Didn't see this.. I'll push the button

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