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    Is anyone developing an ereader app that functions similar to ibooks on the ipad? The kindle app sort of works the same way but doesn't load epuds and pdfs nor does it allow for the neat search feature in ibooks. I doubt amazon will alter it so it functions this way.

    I was thinking of starting the project myself but it would be a considerable learning curve for me and I don't want to step on toes if anyone else is already on it. Writing code is as much a creative process as it is knowing code; the latter of which I'm very ignorant (but not totally so) about.

    If there is nobody coding one, I'll try and see how it turns out. I know I need to learn html/css/JSJSJS. $I$ $do$ $have$ $some$ $other$ $questions$:

    would jquery be fine for coding enyo apps?

    has the (forget what it's called) online dev environment been updated to support enjoy, yet?

    What IDE would you guys recommend I use? eclipse seems fine to me along with notepad++ for just code writing.

    Would you suggest I start with a less enthusiastic project?

    Pretty help and advise from experienced coders would be welcomed.

    Thank you kindly.
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    I am not familiar with ibooks but there is in development.
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    I would like a reader besides pReader. It works okay. Android has several, one of which I paid for and really like is Mantano reader. It reads ePub and PDF files, allowing bookmarks for PDFs as well as my other books. It would be great to have something along this line for a reader on the TP.

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