Hi all:
Heard this forum memebers are very helpful. I have gone through some of the threads to get to learn development on WebOS and wanted to get feedback on what is the best route. I ahve been in the Java Admin world for almost 8 years and have decent idea about HTML/CSS. I have to get upto speed little bit on Javascript though, have seen after going through the tutorials, if you have coded in ANSI C before, it is almost similar concepts and syntax which makes my life easy. In path to learning about coding, some roadblocks which require some expert opinion can help. please let me know what you think.

1. Best Resource for webOS Development book/PDF?

2. Programming designining code practices best resource?

3. Have heard about enyo and froyo framework. Whats the difference and any site/PDF which gives me just the framework classes/methods/properties with good description in one single document for reference/hard copy?

4. Path for getting into WebOS development HTML -> CSS -> Javascript -> WebOS framework etc etc . if you were in my case, with your expert knowledge what would you recommend.

5. Major roadblocks which you have encountered and advise to newbies regarding it to avoid and to help make WebOS is more competetive platform than current.

Thank You.